Sunday, August 06, 2006

sometimes i just forget

i am self professed (or admitted i guess) obesessed with Hawaii, who couldn't be, when you've seen the parts i have. sometimes around noon, if i am able, i look to the web cams out there to watch the sunrise. this morning i was in the office (yes working when i can't sleep on a Sun morning) and glanced out the's kinda pretty here too sometimes.
i hate the wires in the pic, but i can't cut em down...


Brewster said...

That is okay. I feel that way about Maine. I have at least 6 Web Cams for the area that we used to go to when I was growing up. I haven't been back since my dad died, so I truly do miss it.

Jenny said...

I'm the same way about West Texas. The sky goes on forever there. Here I feel choked out by skyscrapers.

I miss it.