Sunday, August 20, 2006


so after my foul mood of the last few days, i promised myself i would try to shake it off this morning. here's what has happened so far

i woke up to the cat litterally nudging me in the back because she hadn't eaten in 10 minutes. at 5 am

i got up to throw...errr i mean...let the cat out, realized it had rained in the playroom last night. pretty hard too

went back to bed

woken up second time by the sweet melody of the younger 2 fighting over a video game at 8 freakin o clock in the damn morning (that may be a direct quote)

made coffee by pouring the pot of water all over the counter top

then went to set my 16oz glass of juice/water combo down, and missed...again all over the counter. i can't drink plain water in the am so i put a lil juice in, maybe i should try scotch

made cinnamon rolls for the kids and it appears something was in the oven from thursdays dinner, set off smoke alarms and ruined rolls

fought with Ringo (oldest) over him getting a haircut TODAY!

i guess i'll have to try again tommorrow


Brewster said...

Hang in there. There are only a few more decades of life left, then we die. LOL Anyway, everyonte is entitled to a bad day or so. Feel better.

Jenny said...

Totally sucks. Tomorrows gotta be better, right?


movin'mom said...

Been there too many times.....minus the cat!

My boys finally got their hair cut.
The second one was holding out but with the move he just jumped right in to the REINVENTION process.

Now if I can just get him to wear his glasses. (contacts may be inevitable)

but Momma said...

Would it make you feel better if I told you I made bread sticks the other night on a pan that had no edges and the butter melted and dripped onto the element and I turned around to find my oven on fire?
I guess not. Hang in there! And thanks for the football tips. I'll be watching for more. :)

me said... least i can laugh now.