Monday, August 14, 2006


i am the first person to admit that i am a little, wee bit susceptible to suggestions regarding the spiritual world. i am not weird, i don't run around talking to shadows, or seeing ghosts around every tree. but i beleive in happenings, that maybe none of us can explain. blame it on the X Files, or bad genes, or the water when i was growing up, but i do. my hub thinks i'm bonkers, but he always listens and smiles. you know that smile.

my youngest sons birth happened a mere 9 days before my grandmother died. i'll tell you the whole story one day. my gram was very special to me, and i know i had the youngest to help ease the pain of her death.

thankfully i was able to get home and see her when baby was just a few days old. she knew i was there, and she was able to meet my new baby. although she was barely conscious, i lay him down on her chest and let them meet. and i thank God every day i was given that opportunity. less than 48 hours later she passed away.

a year or so later, i was home again, and my sister and i drove by my grams old house. youngest was in his car seat, and as we drove up to look he got real excited. confirming my feeling that my gram gave a little bit part of herself to him when they met. everyone else told me i was crazy, he was just mirroring my sisters and my actions. we were looking hard, so he seemed excited. (haters)

so this past weekend, while i was home, we were looking at some old photos my mom had found. lots of them in houses and yards, on beaches and in parks. one picture my youngest asks "whose house was this?" one of the 100 or so he had looked at. i took the picture and almost fell over, "Why?" i asked him, he replied he was just wondering if he had ever been there. the picture was taken in my grams yard, looking to the yard from the house, if you were going to the garage. a view my gram probably took in 4 times a day, every day, over the 20 some odd years she lived in that house.

i told him it was my grams house, and he said oh the one who died when i was a baby? and i said yes. he said nothing more...but now i know for sure.

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Brewster said...

Hey, I will be the first to admit, I hope that there is some sort of life after death. I compared a picture of Makenzie when she was a baby and a baby picture of my dad. Well, you would not believe other then the fact that they are different sexes, they look exactly alike!!!!! I almost think my dad had a part of the whole thing to try to keep my family together because we were separated when she found out she was pregnant. Who knows? But it is scary how much they do look alike.