Saturday, August 19, 2006

something stinks

gee what? my mood. THAT'S WHAT. i am in a super foul mood the last couple of days, and i really can't explain it. everything the kids do is bugging the crap ouutame. picked a fight with the hub, went shopping and got a ton of stuff on super clearance (75% off of Polo...HELLO?) and got it all home and decided to return all but 1 stinkin skirt, cause i was having such a pity party. "oh poor me i never go anywhere to wear this" boo hoo . now regret returning it, because i am just feeling icky.

i get like this sometimes. i wish i knew why. and usually it is at a time when i should be happy. we have no money headaches right now, kids are good, school is a week away. maybe being home last weekend with all my sibs and extended family made me realize how much i miss them all. cause i really do. i wish we could all live in the same city, hell even the same state would be nice.

maybe it's that summer is over and it went quick, and there really wasn't anything spectacular. grrr who knows. i just wish i could shake myself out of it. i hate feeling like this, because so many people would love to do the things i am able to do. i always feel so guilty for feeling blue. and that makes it worse..

i know this is dull and depressing...but right now, that is exactly how i feel. (aren't you glad you stopped by?)

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