Tuesday, August 22, 2006

still kickin

ok...i am alive and well, i haven't sulked my way into a corner with my thumb in my mouth. actually i am having some long needed work done around the house so i've been busy running to Lowes and what not...plus my computer is on occasion buried under construction stuff. woo hoo fun....thanks for the anecdotes and encouraging words, yesterday was rather non eventful, so maybe things are looking up. although i did start Monday by spilling my coffee all over my desk...that almost broke me. but i am a warrior!!!! hahaha

and school is now only5 days away...THANK YOU JESUS! i may survive. i had wanted to post pics of my damage, but couldn't...grrr, was hard to see anyway.

i forgot a funny the other night...after the accident i pulled into wal mart, of course the woman i hit was going there too. i noticed her pulling in behind me. i called my sister to tell her what happened, told her now i was embarassed to go into the store because that woman i had just hit 5 minutes ago was there. she said "Quick, go run into her with a cart now" hahahaha

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Onetallmomma said...

School doesn't start for 2 more weeks...arghhh! I am counting the days. Hope you are well...