Wednesday, August 16, 2006

so it begins

i was startled awake this morning by a sickening feeling. i bumbled around in bed for a minute before i realized what i was feeling. i was cold. (NOOOOOOOOOOOOO) it was very chilly and i still had the summer quilt on my bed, thinking it was like 3 am because it was so dark, i looked to the clock. 5:28. (NOOOOOOOO) not already. in a fit of disgust i dug out a sweat shirt and headed upstairs. the news said it was 52. to me it felt like 40, taking into consideration the elevation of my home, i may have been close.

summer isn't completely gone and i am mourning it already. i rmember the first morning i realized it was light at 5:30, the day it stayed light until close to 10 (again the elevation thing). the happy feeling i had when placing the down comforter in the chest and taking out the quilt. last night the boys had to hurry to take a quick dirtbike ride before dark, and it was only 8:15.

it is such a cruel trick....

Fall, so many things i look forward to, school starts, football begins. work goes well again. but it's all a clever disguise, designed specifically to lull me into winter. fool me with a few warm days, seduce me with a quiet, clean home, spoil me with a little cash. TRICKERY....frigid mornings, and endless days of constant snow are looming on the horizon and you will not get me this year.

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Brewster said...

Hey, I will switch places with you!!!!!!!!! It is still 90 every day here!!!!!!!!!!