Tuesday, August 15, 2006

me and gym

gym and i have been together for 3 months now. i know this for a fact...i just received my quarterly bill. i was very excited in the beginning. i mean gym got my heart racing, my blood flowing. gym made me sweat and use muscles i had forgotten i had. and gym could go a good hour...easy. it was a relationship i was more than ready for.

i am now starting to think gym is going to turn out like every other "guy" in my life. a whole lotta takin, and not so much giving. and gym has his hand out, oh he'll get paid. you better believe it. i am using gym like a junkie uses whatever it is they are "junkin" for. 3 or 4 times a week, and i long for it if it goes a couple days. but it's not so exciting now. i don't seem to be getting what i feel i should out of this union. have no fear i am one of those women who figures if i hang around long enough i'll fix it. i am no quitter.

i am just starting to think i will be assy for the rest of my life though. (yes that says assy it is not one of my many typos)

needless to say i am still seeing little progress in the weight loss quest, which is probably why i haven't said so much about it recently. but i do see improvements, in the beginning i was on oxygen after 15 minutes on the elliptical (sp?). now a days i can do 45 like nobody's bidness, with the resistance turned up...AND elevating the ramp. i am able to do more reps of all the machines i use, and my back feels better. i no longer pant walking up my driveway. and i am also noticing a decrease in my pms symptoms, which over the last couple years had gotten to the point of being unbearable.

i had been weighing myself every week, and first i gained some, then lost a little, gained a pound or 2 back...and so on. so i quit weighing myself, it discouraged me and i am enjoying the exercise, why turn it into a disappointment.

so today i thought about weighing myself, however talked myself out of it. becasue of aformentioned pms (i said it was better not gone). i knew what would happen, because i am retaining enough water to cause serious desalination in the Atlantic, i would probably be disappointed in the number. then because of my sensitivity today, i would throw the scale across the locker room in a fit of rage. then cry because i would be frustrated that the scale didn't go as far as i wanted. on the way home i would have purchased m&ms (plain), a 10 pound can of cashews, and cherry coke. eaten all of it before i got home, then felt bad for eating like a maniac. and then rationally tell myself i was only retaining 33 pounds of fluid.

i'll weigh myself next week.

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