Wednesday, August 23, 2006

back to regularly scheduled programming

i am much happier today, maybe it was just a funk...who knows. but getting the work done around the house really perked me up. the state of my abode must have been more distracting to me than i realized.

the 2 bathrooms upstairs got new flooring, and the boy's bathroom got a whole face lift. all the doors upstairs (which is our main living area) are new, and they open AND close. who knew? and we had had a few shingles blow off the roof last fall, this creates rain in your house. the shingles were replaced but the room had damage. so there is a new ceiling and walls in that room. i really like it. i still need to paint , but i am not paying 3 guys a combined $40 and hour to do it. it also got me thinking about some other projects that i know i could tackle on my own. despite what my hub says, i know i can do it. although i better buy LOTS of extra parts. so i am excited and looking forward to accomplishing these things throughout the fall.

all things included parts and labor it was not as much as i originally thought it might be. so i am moving my office and switching the boys bedrooms around, so each can have their own. the best part is i can do it one room at a time, thank God. i don't have to rush to try and get everything done in a weekend. then i am thinking of putting new flooring in the l/r and what will be my new office. so we shall see, and i f blogger ever allows pics again, i will post them as i finish.

need some new accesories for the bathrooms now. i am gonna need to go to target...damn

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