Friday, May 04, 2007


yeah, I know there is an echo in here. I actually posted something a week or so ago, but it discappeared, and I did not have the energy to write it again. SO, here I am again...just as I was on the brink of quitting the whole bloggy thing, the very kind Movin Mom tagged me. Forcing me back, which is actually ok, because I had things storing up in my head to the point where I was like, "I will never get all this down". And truth be told I've been feeling a little unable to complete anything lately. So, back I am...sporadically for a while yet, because I want to be able to eat this winter, and we now have another child to feed and pay tuition for, and send off to college in 2 years. Our 16 yr old niece has moved in with us. GOOD TIMES, drama times 2. YESSSSSSSSSS

So here's the tag...7 things fact or habit about moi...

fact..I am freakishly good with numbers. Not quantum physics or anything, but basic math...adding, subtracting, multiplying etc. I LOVE numbers, they always make sense, and always work out and balance at the end of the day. To this day I can figure change quicker than the kid in the "Keep the Change" commercial for Bank of America. I have my many years of food service to thank for that. Which brings us to

fact...every summer through HS I worked at the same ice cream place. We did not have a cash register and had to figure change and add in our heads. It was a great job, and my boss there gave me a lot of good insight about life. He and his wife were my entire career for about 6 years, first I watched their kids all summer for 2 years, then went to schlep the lovely goodness known as soft ice cream at their shop.

habit..I bite my nails, it is disgusting and I hate it. I had actually given it up for a long time but the last 3 or 4 years I have been at it again. I wish I could quit.

fact...I completely purged my house a couple weeks ago. EVERYTHING went (which was good seeing as the next week, I needed the space for niece). There was enough crap in my house and garage to fill a 20 cubic yd dumpster. That's big. Plus I have a bunch of stuff to sell at a yard sale I'm having next weekend. which brings us to..

habit...I now think way too hard about buying anything. I have gotten (dare I say) cheap. I need to splurge a little more, esp on myself. I will take the kids and drop $500 on baseball stuff like it's nothing, but not want to spend $40 on a pair of shoes for me, because I may only wear them a couple times a month.

habit...I hve the tiniest space between my 2 front teeth, and after I eat I clear it with my spit. ( ewww) because I am paranoid of having something in there. SO I make this gross sucky spit noise until it feels clear. I caught myself doing it in public once and almost died.

fact...even though I love GOOD food, and have dined at some of the nicest restaurants our country offers my absolute favorite thing in the world is Totinos Crisp n Tasty Pizza, you know the .99 frozen one. It is crap, but something about it just calls to me. When I am craving one nothing else will do.

Now the rules call for me to tag 7 others, but truth be told I have been so lazy about blogging and commenting lately..I'll skip this step, however if you read this consider yourself tagged. Let me know if you play along. Seeing as a few of my readers don't have blogs (at least not that they have admitted to) and NEVER comment (you know who you are) I am inviting them to quickly list their 7 facts or habits in the comments..WITH names. Hope to see something....

PS Jr/Sr prom is tommorrow, so look for some tear stained pics over the weekend I hope.


movin'mom said...

I l-o-v-e you segways

I thought your first fact was going to be a slam at my first fact....but then you made me laugh!
looking forward ot hearing about the niece too!

Seeeeee...didn't you mss it just a bit? I can't wait to see the prom pics.

Brewster said...

Okay. You want seven habits and or facts. LOL I thought it was funny about the Freez thing. Anyway, it brought back a lot of memories.

Habit: Yes, I share the same disgusting habit of biting my nails.

Habit: Wow, I have the same space in my front teeth and do the same thing you described.

Fact: I believe that I am rather good at design and organization.

Habit: Sorry, this may be a gross one, but Nikki says I gulp at night when I sleep. I guess when I swallow it is loud.

Fact: No matter how they do, I still think the COWBOYS are the greatest team ever.

Habit: I tend to buy Starbucks or what ever beverage is available no matter whether or not I am thirsty.

Fact: I love my daughters even if they don't care much for me.

Good to see you back.