Thursday, April 05, 2007

is there a meth addict in the house?

I am known for reminding my husband, rather incessantly, that Karma is indeed a bitch. It seems I am more right than I know. While he spent a good portion of the winter hacking, sniffling, and chugging cough syrup like it were the elixir of youth, I sat back and smirked. Hmmmm, "I'm not sick", I would remark. "Maybe you should take better care of yourself", I would chime, smugly, on my way out the door to the gym. "I can't believe I haven't been sick once this winter", I was heard to remark just a week or two ago.

I think that was the one that got me. Because I AM SICK. I can't even complain about it, cause I will never live it down. Thank God he's been away working, or the torture of hearing him tell me "How much sicker HE was" would probably push me over the edge, and I would stuff used tissue down his throat while he slept. Then I would have to figure out how to get his huge body out of my bed and make it look like an accident. Quite frankly, I couldn't do it on my own. Accomplices always turn on you, so it's super good he's not here.

Now the last time I was sick was probably last spring, chug some Nyquil get a good nights sleep, feel better in a couple days..right? WRONG!!!!!! It seems while I was blissfully enjoying my sick free fall and winter, they went and f**ed with all the good shit..AGAIN. Oooohhh we have to save the world from the stupid kids who chug cough syrup to get stoned. Can't they just do shots like the rest of us did after work behind school 18? I mean I heard some people used to do things like that. We have to shut meth labs down, can't have that poison in the streets. If they can figure how to make meth from cough syrup, I am sure they will be able to figure a way to replace whatever the handy folks at Nyquil took out.

And if anyone out there knows where I can get my hands on some street NyQuil, I will be forever grateful.


Mama Drama Jenny said...

Skip the nyquil and go straight for the meth. It's easier to get anyway.

movin'mom said...

I bet it's cheaper!!!

Sorry your sick, the reason they always think they were sicker than us is because they do not get up off the couch when they are sick and we still have to be the mom's and we drudge through the pain and suffering. If we reacted the same as them ....they'd get it!

movin'mom said...

Okay...I'm starting to worry that maybe you were serious about this whole meth thing. Do we need to send out a search party? We'll kidnap you and get you right into a the Betty Ford!!!

PS. I tagged you so I hope you come back soon!

drivenwide said...

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