Monday, April 02, 2007

reality stinks

I knew my days were numbered. I KNEW it, I don't know why it was so much of a shock, but it is. The questions have started. Shortly after Christmas, after a trip to Wal Mart, youngest came up to me with a look of total disappointment and said

him: Mom, I have a question

me: yes

him: Is Santa Claus real?

me: I believe in Santa (see how I don't actually lie...), why?

him: well I heard some people talking in the store, and they said Well he still believes in Santa

me:(cursing the morons who didn't look around to see if there was a young un near) I think maybe you just didn't hear them correctly

him: Well ok (big sigh)

me: what's wrong?

him: Well, it's just it would make me real sad to think you had lied to me all this time

WHAT!!!!! he is the first one to attempt to accuse me of lying, because he had Santa. So he has lost a couple of teeth in the last 6 weeks or so, all of which he has been compensated for. I was hoping we were past this, he hadn't once questioned the bringer of cash. Then the other day he said to me...."Repeat after me. I swear that the Easter Bunny is real, and may I struck down by lightning if I am lying"

so I did what any mom would do....I crossed my fingers and took my chances.


movin'mom said...

Having the 4 in different ages made this a huge challenge for us. We have always followed the philosophy of:

If you don't believe; you don't receive!

Even my 14 & 15 yr old have never asked "out loud" because they know that once you get to the point of not enter the stage of only getting wrapped gifts from Mommy & daddy. As opposed to the Big Stuff that the Big Guy brings.

kailani said...

That's the exact thing I dread happening when my daughter gets older. How do you explain something like that?