Friday, May 18, 2007

ohh the temptation

My beauty routine has never consisted of much more than an exfoliating scrub, Oil of Olay, a smudge of eyeliner and a dab of mascara. Bronzer in the winter. So basic it is laughable. Of course some people say I'm lucky, my one friend who had bad acne as a teen has to clump on so much makeup just to feel ready. Not that she NEEDS to, she just feels better with it, and is jealous of my ability to do close to nothing.

I have had moments in my life though, where I would be possessed by some inner diva. I would be compelled to purchase liners, lip sticks, and cute little pots of nonsense, that inevitably would be hardly touched and end up in the trash or doled out to friend's daughters.

I thought I had finally grown out of all that. I knew just because I bought the crap did NOT mean I would use it. Yeah, I have times where I want to look more dramatic, but I feel silly with more than my minimalist look. I was good to go, hey here I am take me or leave me.

Then one Christmas I innocently went online and bought my brother's g/f (at the time, now mommy to my perfect nephew) a gift card to Sephora. Lo and behold a couple months later, didn't those fine folks send me a catalog. Not just a catalog, ooh no. More like a book of girly goodness, chock full o tubes and tubs. Scrubs and lotions, scents and little pots of glimmery, sparkly shiny stuff.

Did I ever tell you how much I LOVE sparkly stuff? The book comes and I am compelled....I MUST look. I know I shouldn't, but I cannot stop myself. And every stinkin time it's the same thing.

diva me:"OOOOHHHHHH, look. So cute, I would use that if I bought it"

real me:"Yeah just like the lip Venom, there's $32 we'll never see again"

diva me:"Come on just this one last time, and if I don't use it I'll NEVER ask for anything from here again"

real me: "NO"

diva me: "Screw you, I know where you keep the crdit card"

real me: "well they do give me free samples"

The rest my friends is history. 3 days later I am the proud owner of at least 2 new items that will never be used, save for trying them out. The cute little bag they "wrap" the shit in, and a moistrizer that will last 1.5 applications.

Curse you Sephora, and all your wares. You will not lure me in again. (except for that one eyeliner maybe)