Thursday, May 17, 2007

the apple and the tree it fell from

Husband and I returned home from work on Sunday. OK, first off, don't even get me started on the fact that not only did I work on mother's day(!!), and it was real work, not one of the days where I sat around waiting, but trekking up and down this STEEP hill, crawling around under trees, trying to decide which ones were junk and which ones weren't. Not only did I work, but we got home and darling sensitive husband walked in the door and sat on the couch and started to play X Box. I, went about the business of deciding what to do about dinner, and cleaning the effin mess that 4 kids left in their wake throughout the day. Because he's the dad, and that's what he does.

Seriously though, don't feel bad, I have my ways of getting even. Like while I'm cruising the outlets in AC on Father's Day, and he's stuck home for 3 days with the kids. I might just wander into the Coach outlet and stumble upon this, and take it home. Because I'm the mom and that's what I do.

So husband sits his butt down to play X Box. Only hmmm, no controllers. Now I am the first to admit that my home will never be mistaken as a home for the compulsive cleaner. But I do have 4 cats wandering around, so the chances of any critter being large enough to wander in and walk off with the controllers are really quite slim. And unless all the ants, that have recently started invading (reminder to me...need some Sevin )gathered together and hoisted the controllers on their backs, someONE had to do something with said controllers.

Only, you guessed it, no one knew where they were. I had my ideas, because oldest had had some friends sleep over the night before and they were all still snoozing soundly when we left. (at 7 am, to work on mother's day...)But I kept my opinions to myself, not wanting to stir up an unneeded, and ridiculous arguement about video game controllers. My solution was this, given the controllers HAD to be here somewhere, oldest should go to Wal Mart and buy a new one on his way to pick up dinner.

"But they're $50.", exclaims my husband, who will drop $479 on an RC helicopter that will fly once and crash to a fiery death, with out batting an eye. AT which point I told him he could either get a new controller or find something else to do.

Oldest comes home with food and controller and we all sleep happily. The next morning I said to oldest, if he had leant the controllers out he needed to get them back. The mere suggestion of such an atrocity being performed by him was enough to start the mumbling, door slammimg fest of Monday morning, which carried over into the "I dont trust him", pity party of Monday evening.

Yesterday (Weds), husband and I were both gone ALL day. No one around but the kids after school. What is peeking out from under the coffee table this morning, just enough to be noticed, but not enough to be tripped on? Both controllers.

Because he is our son and that is what he does...


movin'mom said...

there isn't an option to comment on your sephora post.

But I must say, I just recently (a year ago) started using tinted moisturizer as opposed to foundation and I LOVE IT!!!! I recently added Penelope Cruz's ad campaign for mineral powder foundation.....I love that too.....if I'm going out.

I am a grocery store make-up purchaser :(

Bluepaintred said...

your comments are turned off on the above post....

real me:"Yeah just like the lip Venom, there's $32 we'll never see again"

have you tried the lip venom? Does it work?

I just bought some last nightLOL