Thursday, May 10, 2007

random nonsense to let you know i'm still alive


Did you see this? I knew it. A few years ago, my husband was in a bad accident. I told the nurses I didn't trust that stuff. It really seemed to affect him in a bad way, and he seemed to use it as a crutch. But Oh NOOO they told me. It's a new wonder drug. Wonder my ass, wonder no more. When he was released from the hospital I wouldn't even get the scrip they sent home with him filled, because I wanted him off it. Guess I was right again.


It's true, girls are way worse drivers than boys. If I thought teaching my son to drive was tough, at least he knew a red light means STOP. Oh my gosh, I don't think I have the strength so soon.


You might think it would be hard for a girl to move into a house of males. My poor boys, the youngest freaked out over a pair of her underwear. Middle son gagged on her hairbrush being left out (in all fairness I hate hairy brushes too), and oldest refused to shave today because she had used his razor at some point. This from 3 boys who would pee off the deck, if I would let them.


I have recently discovered stress can make you physically ache. I used to poo poo people who said stress did this, stress did that. The other night every joint, bone and muscle in my body hurt. I need a vacation.


Finally a little snark for your day..

With the oldest I was always one of, if not the, youngest moms in the group. With the youngest I am one of the oldest. (hey it's the boonies there's nothing else to do, but get knocked up and married) I would sit at youngest activities and wonder how these women stayed so fit and trim, yadda yadda ya. Over the past year though I am noticing they aren't managing so well anymore. HA At the rate some of them are going, I'll be downright hottie mommie by the time they graduate.


kailani said...

Is it Prom season already? I'm guessing that's one of your sons? Great photo! They look so great together!

movin'mom said...

I love that photo! quite a beautiful couple.

I was the same way always the young one....that's my goal too. I am going to look bette than all of them when they are in the stage I am trying to get out of !!!!!!