Monday, May 28, 2007

time in a bottle

it honestly seems like a month or so ago that I happily exclaimed in 2 days it would be a schoooool night. Take that, another summer done, another exciting school year ahead. Only it somehow unbelievably was 9 months ago. On one hand it seems as though the year flew, on the other, so much has happened, it seems unthinkable it's ONLY been a year. Time, she plays funny tricks.

I find it incredibly painful to watch my youngest son grow up. Maybe painful isn't the word, I guess I feel helpless. I sit across the table from him, watching him dunk his cookies and want to freeze every second, I never want to forget these minutes. I am making up for the fact that when he was an infant, he suffered from the 3rd baby = no picture syndrome, by snapping 2 or 3 shots of him almost daily sometimes. I want to freeze that mischevious smile, or innocent look. The things I KNOW for sure will fade with time. They will fade, his voice will deepen, his shoulders broaden, his sense of humor and THAT laugh, all these things will change, and my sweet little boy who laughs at everything, will become a sulky teen, then a man. I know it will happen, I have watched it twice now. I will not be caught off guard again.

I caught a glimpse of my middle son and he had the same build as his older brother. He was riding his dirtbike and it could have been the oldest had I not known better. I knew at that moment he would be taller than me if we measured (he was, well is). Taller, thinner, yet broader. He is changing before my eyes.

Time is hard on a mom, sometimes I just want to stop it, freeze everything, maybe even move it back a bit. sigh


kailani said...

I know what you mean. It's hard because I know Baby Bug will be our last child. *sniff*

but Momma said...

Amen, sister!