Friday, May 25, 2007

the end

hmm no idea why no comments on the last post...hopefully it won't happen again.

Anyway, take a DEEEEEP breath. I'm done. Work is fin, well at least the hard part is. My darling husband, who literally came home Weds night for the first time in about a week, spent yesterday searching airfare and is on his way to BWI as I type, to do some sharkin'.

In other words he bailed, to Miami, to fish. He intends to spend 2 days on a boat with his cell phone off. He'll make the 2 days on the boat, but no way in hell will he be able to leave the phone off. I dared him.

The chillins are about done with school, there are some half days to go and a final or 2 yet. But Weds is the LAST day. Thurs at ass crack of dawn I am outta here. Headin to da beach to visit my sis, and steal my nephew who is accompanying his parents down, as well. YEEAAHH!!!! (happy dance)

AND SOME BIG baby sister got engaged last week. She hit the husband LOTTO, not only is he tall dark and handsome. He's so nice....and he's a Dr. (ok almost a Dr.) and you know what a Dr in the family means.....good drugs!!!! kidding, jeesh

It also means I have less than a year to lose 700 pounds of ugly fat, so that I won't hate the pictures from the wedding. Because I finally get to be in a wedding (go me go me).

So excuse me while I spend my weekend in my yard, planting some flowers, and making my house so pretty, so I can wave goodbye to it most of the summer. Because I was thinking about it last night,(trying to rationalize why I was staying home and jerk was going to Miami) between family things,kid's games, a trip or 2, and college visits with the oldest i will be home for about 10.2 seconds between Thurs and Labor Day.

oh can exhale now. Hope your weather is as nice as mine promises.


kailani said...

Who wouldn't want a doctor in the family? The closes I got was a dentist! hee hee.

Congratulations to your sister!

Brewster said...

LOL Well, it sounds as if things are going well for you. I am truly happy for you. Try to get some rest in between now and Labor day. Take care of yourself.