Thursday, March 15, 2007


I like, and have grown accustomed to certain things in my life. Food for the kids, a home with electric and indoor plumbing. Being able to keep creditors at bay, and my vehicle from being repossesed. And maybe an occasional Coach bag or two (or ten...someone stop me PLEASE). You know, neccesities.

In order to keep me in the lavish life I live it is sometimes important to make some actual money. Now is that time. For the next 3 or 4 months my darling husband and I will line our greedy little palms with, most likely, 75% of the cash we will make for the year. Yes folks, once again its

(drumroll please)


I know the calender doesn't say it yet, but the snow has melted, and the mud flows like rain. The frost is gone from the ground and the customers are screaming. It is the 3 months we look forward to all winter, and instantly wish it was over about midway through the first disaster of the season. Like Tues night at 10 pm when we had a train of vehicles, machinery and big ol chains attempting to free 85,000 pounds of truck, trailer and trees from mud. That was a whole lot of fun.

It is the time of the year when one day I won't have enough available cash to buy a loaf of bread, and the next day be able to buy a car if I so chose. I will also need to be the voice of reason when my darling husband will think it would be a good idea to buy the car. Because he is smart like that. And has the memory of my cat who keeps trying to play with the dog next door who kicks her ass every other day. How quickly he forgets February, and how miserable it is when we have not kept enough cashola to do more than sit around and look at each other all month, contemplating murder. Because nothing, NOTHING, tests a marriage like being together 24/7 for a solid month with no money.

I will most likely put 30,000 miles on my car by June 1, and it won't be fun. There will be days when I will wake up thinking I have nothing to do, and end up 200 miles away before mid afternoon, only to turn right around and come back home. I know my actual job could be a lot worse, I could be my husband, who deals with more headaches in a day than i sometimes do in a week. For this reason, I become the woman most men dream of marrying. I keep my trap shut and don't argue, and accept that I was wrong, even if I know better. Some days I will wish I had married someone else, and one day I will enjoy planting flowers while my husband toils away from 6 am until 10 pm.

It isn't fun, but it's what we do. We joke that it keeps us young, but is the cause for most of our aging. And just when you think you know what to expect, something new happens. Most importantly, after this year we have 8 more to go and we will be able to hang it up. It's all about the "BIG PICTURE", at this point.

So excuse me if I am errant in my duties in the coming months, it's only been a week and I feel like I have been drug through the ringer. HAPPY SPRING


movin'mom said...

I feel like I am playing 20 questions trying to figure out what you guys do.
I only caught the mud part...
I am sure I missed a post somewhere that explained all of this...sorry.

me said...

lol..we wholesale evergreen trees..i'm not sure if i ever said so or not.