Sunday, March 11, 2007

if it was 2 o clock yesterday...

Usually I'm all about the Spring forward. I LOVE it. This year though? It's too early. It will be nice that it will be light later, but it will once again be pitch dark when middle guy and I rise for the day. Daylight, which was in full force by the time he caught the bus, will again be replaced by the tease of the sun just on the horizon. Plus after 30 some odd years of my mental clock knowing when to spring forward, I am dreading getting myself and the chillins up tomorrow.

The idea is it saves energy, but really I don't see that being the case so much for the next 2 weeks. How many of us leave lights on when we leave for the day? show of hands...that's what I thought. Lights that had been unneccesary on Friday morn, will be shining bright again tomorrow, most likely all day. Oh well, I guess the happy side is that baseball practice can begin earlier...weeeeee. And we will be able to get more wrok done for the first couple of weeks, so I shouldn't complain too loud. I just really like waking to light, you know the natural kind.

----signed, the woman who is STILL complaining even though it is sunny and 45 today. Lord how does my family stand me?

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kailani said...

I'm not sure why but we don't have to change our clocks for daylight savings. I wonder why?