Thursday, November 02, 2006

the game

we have a winter ritual around this house. unfortunately it seems to be starting early this year. i like to call this the "You Cannot Touch the Thermostat Without Me Knowing" game. Ok so the name kinda sucks, but I never said i was creative.

my house, being the structural and architectual wonder that is, is actually a mobile home (shoot it's a double wide!) place atop a foundation. we have un upstairs and a downstairs, we just thought it would be cheaper to buy the top half..( an untruth my hubs will hear about until the end of his days). so here's what he did, he built this foundation with the plan of using it for a bedroom and a playroom with a foyer heading into the garage. so far so good, then it came time to bust a hole in the upstairs and put in some stairs, directly under the thermostat.

aannddd the garage is still "not quite finished". does anyone else see where this is going? i mean HELLO??!! we live in the effn frozen tundra. it's COLD here in the winter, and our garage gets cold, and the cold seeps into the house through the door and wanders up the stairs to (you knew all along) The Thermostat.

so the game begins, i, being ever frugal, keep that thermostat down low. if i didn't the heat would kick on incessantly, what with the gale force wind blowing up the stairs. the oldest and my husband seem to feel it needs to be at least 100 degrees in the house at all times, and noone should ever be expected to you know, maybe PUT SOME DAMN CLOTHES ON, i mean it is winter, we all should wander around in shorts and t shirts.

i just can't do it, i can't just run the heat all the time. plus for as much as i like the warm weather, i can't stand when it's hot from the heat. if it's 80 in here in the summer, it's all good. but that is a natural heat, i don't like that icky fake heat.

anyway after i go to bed, without fail, someone will turn the heat up. and at some point in the night, i will wake up, realize the heat is running and come upstairs to turn it down. same thing during the day, if the heat kicks on, i go over and turn it down. it really is a never ending cycle.

but i chuckle at their determination, silly boys will never learn.

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Brewster said...

LOL Hey, you could get one of those thermostats that have a lock on it and once it is set...too bad, too sad.

Or you guys should move to hell like I am in, where your A/C runs from April Until December.