Friday, November 17, 2006

do you think tom-kat wil have these problems?

You know that scene from Princess Bride....this elegant wedding, dramatic music and the regally dressed priest opens his mouth and out comes "Mawwiage". that is one of the funniest scenes from a movie i have ever seen.

anyway winter is upon us and my marriage turns to mawwiage. when the saying Opposites Attract was created, hubs and i thought we would prove it. now that some of the attratct is gone (cmon its been 16 years), the opposite is still going strong. never is that more obvious than in the winter.

during the rest of the year he is busy with work, so it rears it's little head every once in awhile. the air conditioner debate that will never die, the "I don't care how little the car is it is more comfortable than taking your mommy SUV" lie that he continues to live by. and my favorite, the "But the lady at the bank said we had that much money in the checking account" theory. I have solved that one, I opened another account and put money into it as soon as checks go out, then he can zero us out with no fear.

but now it is winter, that lovely time of year when there is no work, just the 2 of us sitting around ALL freakin day, looking at each other. and it gets UGLY. he is a night owl, i am in bed by 10. he is an internet x box 360 junkie, i prefer a good book. he goes to bed every. damn .night .and leaves the tv up so loud that i wake up at 5 am and think sigourney weaver is sitting next to me fighting aliens. i HATE that. he is eagerly awaiting enough snow to break out the snowmobile. i am wishing it would be 70 and sunny every day, just for once.

and there is nothing to separate us...he NEEDS company every second of the day. my dream is to be deserted on an island for 6 months with nothing but books and water for 100 square miles around. it isn't all bad though, there will come a time mid Jan or so when our hours will never mesh, he will be up until 5 am or so and snooze the day away. wake at 3 play x box with the kids for a bit and head out on his sled (God willing, ok maybe i do wnat some snow), returning at 2 am, at which point i will hopefully be able to sleep through his internet browsing and tv watching.

is it March yet?

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Brewster said...

Hey Kiddo, I just got back from Key West. You might want to think about a trip there. Then you could get away, a laugh at all the freaks, and who knows, time to yourself.

That is the nice thing about Nikki and I, we are very independent. Yes, it is nice to spend time together, but we also don't mind giving each other private time as well.

Hang in there