Friday, November 03, 2006

conspiracy theory

this morning on the news, it was reported that Lego expects a shortage of their hottest sets this Christmas season. I don't need to tell any toddler mom how in freaking possible it is to find that Elmo everyone wants this year. I myself fell victim to the XBox 360 craze of last year, umm so why did i feel my kids would simply die if it wasn't under the tree? not sure, but i had people in 3 states looking for it, my sister even almost grabbed one out of someone else cart. ultimately i failed because i could not see paying 3 times over retail on Ebay for the damn thing.

here's what i have to wonder.....who do these toy companies think they are fooling?

i mean it's not like Christmas jumps up and surprises them. hmm nope it's Dec 25th again this year.

nothing pisses me off more than when they do this, i remember my mom, myself and one of her friends, lining up at 5 am one Saturday in Dec 1984 or so, for Cabbage Patch. and women fighting over them at toys r us. i was scarred for a long time over that one. we walked out with one, and paid some guy in the parking lot $75 for another one.

and I swear they do it on purpose, "let's not release enough for demand, and tell everyone we expect a shortage. woohoo they'll sell like hotcakes until Easter" meanwhile some poor inventory clerk is falling over Elmos somewhere.

attn toy people I AM ON TO YOU

I myself only fell victim one other year, Power Rangers back in 93 or so, my oldest LOVED the power rangers. i was "new" to Christmas and got suckered. this was before Ebay ( gar was there ever such a time?). i was forced to wait and pray and hope, and i got lucky..i hit up an Ames one morning and hit the motherload. i felt like i had won the lottery. Ames will forever hold a special place in my heart for that.

but i gotta go for now...i need to buy some Legos.....

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Brewster said...

I know how you feel. It was those DAMN Boo dolls from Monster's Inc. several years back. Now, I wash my hands of the whole thing and Nikki does the Christmas shopping. I just give her the money. LOL

Okay, I am a horrible male, but I hate shopping.