Thursday, June 14, 2007

love and such

I am IN LOVE!!!!! I am, I am, I am. I have suffered long and hard and the rewards are so worth it. I have mentioned before about my love/hate relationship with all things electronic. Sure they make life a little easier, but in the long run, they always kick me when I'm down. Take for example computers. My PC before the one i have been using up and quit on me in JANUARY 2005. JANUARY people. As a self employed bookeepeer who is a little lazy on the backing up, that is absolutely the worst possible time for my computer to quit.

Why? You ask....Becasue in January I have reports to file, w 2's to send out, and those pesky things like income tax to prepare for. Usually there are about 3 months of work that I inadvertantly haven't backed up yet, making a computer failure disastrous. Not to mention January begins what I like to refer to as our "humble time".

Or to put it bluntly, it's our poor season. There is no money coming in, and because we still believe in the magic money fairy or something, we have usually spent most of our cash on really important things like...snowmobiles, and Disney trips. Miraculously I scraped enough cash up to get a new PC and so began our honeymoon period. You know how those first 6 months it seems like your new friend can do know wrong, it reads your mind and anticipates your desires. Life is just too good.

Then one day you get a weird message from it, "No big deal" you think. (click) all gone, still friends. Only that's just the beginning. My computer becomes more and more like my husband every day, whining and complaining, slow to start, and LAZY. Then, much like I do my children, I begin to bribe it. "Please' c'mon, just do this one thing and I'll shut you down". Then I start to threaten it, finally I end up ignoring it as much as humanly possible and throw the ol stink eye it's way when I pass.

I have endured 6 long months of listening to my PC sound like a helicopter when I would attempt to do anything, run 2 programs? Oh hell no. I think it would have flown away, or simply imploded. Plus it noticed I was spending a bit too much time on the internet, so it quit that on me too. Forcing me to use a laptop that my super svelte husband (all 6'4 and 270 pounds of) stepped on and cracked the hinge, so the screen hung a little crooked, which was always fun. You haven't paid your car insurance, until you've paid it sideways!

So yesterday my new love arrived, and I can run as many programs at once as I want, I can work AND go on the internet. I can even look it straight in the eye and it's so quiet I forget it's even on. PLUS, it has this great post it note thingy in the (gush) sidebar...ooohhhh. I know I am falling again and I would like to think I have learned my lesson. In matters of the heart I guess I'm a sucker.


movin'mom said...

I have never been more in love since I made the switch from a regular little 'ol PC to an apple. Gone are the days of downloadable's just there with Apple. Virus fears are gone......I am totally in love & you know what they say.....Once you go MAC you NEVER go back!!!!!

but Momma said...

You must not have any three year olds who want to be on Mick Jr dot com all day. The fastest way to a sick computer is a three year old...