Thursday, June 21, 2007

genetics and not so much

Last weekend was my anuual girl's trip to Atlantic City, and it was fabulous....for the first 24 hours. Then I got some bad news and it became nothing more than a test of my will and determination. The first phone call to my husband went something super rational like "You NEED to come get me NOW, because I CANNOT be here with this going on!!!!!!"

However cooler heads prevailed for me, and helped me realize there wasn't much I could do wherever I was. Short of renting a leer jet to transport me, and seeing as nickel slots don't usually pay out in the hundred thousand dollar range that wasn't a viable option. So i ran my cell phone battery down like 4 times and waited out the last day of my trip.

When I received the news I had been on my way to "dinner". I say dinner, but really I was on my way to the feeding frenzy that can only occur when the words seafood, buffet, all you can eat, and crablegs are involved. And I was gonna show my friends my trademark "butter" shooter too. But I would like to retain some sort of dignity here, so I will refrain from further explanation. So obviously, I begged off dinner. My dear friends didn't want to go, but I had blubbered at them long enough and they had endured an hour of the kind of phone calls a large family in crisis can create, so I told them to go. I would go outside and get some air, then go charge my phone and wait.

About 90 minutes later I am talking to my sister in VA, and I realized as I was on the phone with her, that even though I wasn't hungry, I had eaten a rather large bag of ceddar and sour cream chips, and half of the gallon bag of mini candy bars. HMMMMM Stress much? My sister wouldn't admit to it, but she was most likely smoking her 50th cig while her 3rd french bread pizza was cooking. Today she and another family member are headed to Friendly's...because if there is one thing our family does in crisis it's eat and we do it well.

Switch to the opposite end of the spectrum, upon my return I checked my email the next day. My youngest sister who is getting married next May had already emailed me a link to her registries (before the near tragedy, of course). Because if that had been me, the one who did her entire 20 page senior essay in one weekend. You know the one they assign the beginning of the year to turn in at the end? Registries wouldn't be complete until 2 weeks before. No wonder she's nervous about me being in charge of her shower. Has anyone ever had an "after wedding" shower?


but Momma said...

I hope all is well, hope you make it back to the buffet, and I've definitely had an "after" baby shower so - why not?

kailani said...

I don't see anything wrong with an after baby shower. It's all about celebrating the baby.

movin'mom said...


Is it just me or......

I understand that the emergancy is private but it kind of took on an entire life of it's own in this story. As if it were one of the characters in a book. ...annnnnd how is it that the baby shower that stood out to the the last two commenters????

Okay>>>>>I will just mind my own and hope all is getting better!

Rodrigo said...
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