Wednesday, June 27, 2007

to think Pink Floyd had it all figured out and I was too stupid to listen

Do you read your horoscope?

I do, almost every day, believing it though is usually an entirely different beast all together. Sure you read it, you chuckle, you go about your day never giving it a second thought. Every once in awhile though, it seems to hit the nail right on the ol head. Usually my head, but sometimes it is dead on. Unfortunately i don't heed the advice until it's too late, or will read it the next day and think damn, there's some info that would have come in handy yesterday.

So, to end this nonsense rambling, let me get to the horoscope the other day told me, things will begin to calm down now. Take advantage of the peace. I spoke out loud to my computer..."You better be right". Because we still like each other, I am thinking it will listen. The mess of last week is looking up, for that I am grateful. But in the midst of it, I selfishly thought how much it sucked that I couldn't even get 2 days to myself without the world crumbling. Then guilt took over, and slapped me around. So, if there is one thing I am ready for is some peace.

I am one of those people who pretty much sees any situation as half full. So, I like to think I do not create my own drama. So you move along through life things are going ok. Could be better, could be worse...blah blah blah. Then one day you walk smack dab into the brick wall. No matter how hard you try, that wall is there, yielding occasionally, just enough to trick you into thinking all was good again. "HAH...sucker", the wall snickers. Back again.

But if you think back, you can remember a time when the wall wasn't there. All was quiet, if you're like me, it's when my kids were young. I was young. I was staying home, living in a neighborhood I loved, enjoying every day of my life. Then one day the wall showed up, and I have been struggling to get over, around, or just blow the damn thing up, since. It's given way on occasion, but it won't completely let me through. Here's hoping my horoscope was right, and my wall lets me pass this time.

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min said...

Embrace the wall. Somedays I'm so glad it's there.