Monday, January 07, 2008

I have been VERY busy

crying in my towel

that is just for starters, the husband wanted the kids to go away snowmobiling this weekend, however he is afraid to be in charge of all of them for longer than an hour or two at a time. So I went. We arrived a little after 1 am, to a 3 room cabin in the middle of nowhere surrounded by snow. The guy my husband rents the cabin off of turns the heat down when he sees no sign of occupation. It bordered on 40 degrees in there. I crawled on the couch in front of the heater and my ever observant oldest asked me "Is this your hell?"

why yes son it is...Thank You.

The whole diet, so I can fit into the dress , would be going so much better without the stress of taxes, secondary education financing, and a bout of insomnia that I am way too old to handle any more.

Oh yeah and the whole family thing. This is an example of the crazy from which I was born. My mother, who has not remembered my birthday in probably 4 years, and remembers the kids' a month later, sent my husband a birthday card. In all fairness in 16 years it's the first one he ever got from her, but she spelled our last name wrong!

sending a card = nice, don't get me wrong. However not knowing how to spell you daughter and grandson's last name = crazy.

I guess I should be happy that some thunder thighs is really all I seem to have inherited.

I saw a commercial this weekend on CTV, that stands for Canda TV, or something similar. (I told you it was my hell) I cannot find a link to it anywhere. My brother would have LOVED it. These kids are playing street hockey. A taxi pulls up, someone yells "hockey" . They get out of the taxi, pick it up and carry it around the game in the street. "Hockey Rules" it reads at the bottom.

It's much funnier if you actually see it.

Trust me

Back to work


Just a Walk in the Park said...

I understand crazy family, I am constantly asking hubby if we are the only normanl ones. Of course, he then asks "are we normal?"

kailani said...

I'm starting to worry about our Lake Tahoe trip in March. I've never been in snow before! Yikes!

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