Saturday, August 18, 2007

and what the hell is that SMELL.....

umm yeah, so that funky stench of old sweat, axe body spray, and feet. That would be my house, and it would mean only one thing....Football season is upon us. Which shockingly enough, means that this is the last weekend of summer vacation. Wow. That's only all I can say.

In past years the return of school has brought about parties the likes of which even Lindsey Lohan couldn't imagine. This year ehh. I mean don't get me wrong, I will eagerly herd the chillins onto the buses and into their cars, and I am uber ready to regain some order around the house. But I am so not ready for the schedules and the running, and the homework. The homework more than anything.

I got just a wee taste of it this week, with four kids in 3 schools and participating in 5 different sports, and my niece who was still working. Back to school meetings, booster clubs, fundraisers, Senior (don't even get me started on that path) parents, and work for us which was very busy this week. I don't think I was home for longer than an hour at a stretch until 9 pm most nights. And here I am bright and early this morning getting ready to head out to a scrimmage.

They say when these days pass me by, I'll miss them. At this point I am ready to give it a go.


kailani said...

I don't know how you do it. I have a hard time keeping up with one child's activities.

The Kept Woman said...

Dear Bob bless your heart my friend. There's nothing worse than sweaty, stinkiness after hours on a football field.

I know, I used to be married to a coach and the first thing I'd say when he came in and tried to kiss me was, "OMG, you stink, hon."

I know, shocking that the marriage didn't last, right?