Thursday, November 15, 2007

today is the day

I was feeling a little blue this morning, Thanksgiving is here and while I am super excited that my brother and sisters and their g/f's, b/f's, dogs and offspring are all heading to the great white hell to celebrate together with me. Obviously we will be minus one and that makes me so sad I could just curl up and suck my thumb.

That and the fact that as I watched the youngest wait for his bus this morning that shit they call snow started falling, AND I think I may have some PMS issues, that have returned since I am no longer physically active EVAH, it seems. Anyway I was in a pissy mood.

And my husband calls, now usually this would segue into a rant or something bad. And believe you me, that man has done enough in the last month alone to warrant me putting a price on his head. But not today, today I am so glad he is mine. If I think the weather is bad here, where is working it is worse. It is pouring rain, turning to snow and miserable. He has already spent the last week working in the rain with a cold, and this morning he souned like hell. One look at the Doppler where he is and I said to him, "Why not just call it a day and try next week?"

Because he is afraid if he waits the opportunity to make the $$$$ up there will be gone. And I loved him so much, because I know how much he hates to work in these conditions, and I know the guys are being asses because they don't want to work in it, and I know the trucks are getting stuck, and the drivers are bitching for late hours and I know it would be easy for him to say screw it and come home.

But he didn't, because giving his family the absolute best of everything is more important to him than anything else. Today I feel so lucky.

(however next week, when the rosy facade is gone, I will bitch about the fact I live in an effn fort, while we collect snow mobiles)

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The Kept Woman said...

Awwwwwwww...I'm always glad when I hear other girls brag about their men.

I might bitch about mine on the outside but I'm damn proud of him and am lucky to have a man that is respectful, dedicated, good at math and able to lift heavy things.

P.S. I freakin' hate that s*&w crap too. It's been WINDY here making it feel ubber-cold...yuckola.