Thursday, December 07, 2006

and just where the hell do you think you've been?

my answer is long and drawn out and, quite frankly, goes completely against my decision to avoid the bad joojoo. so i will give the brief list of excuses

  • my car had a run in with a majestic (albeit very large) creature of the woods. completeing my vehicular accident tri fecta, for what i can only hope, is the rest of my life. it also transformed me from just a chic who had a couple accidents this year, to a murderer.
  • my desktop chose to stop connecting to the internet, turning it into a very large and expensive paperweight. i still have the laptop, but don't really like to use it.
  • my oldest is serving 6 mos - life for Completely Irresponsible Behavior While Operating a Motor Vehicle. he may get an outside visit for his birthday in February. He may avoid the max, which according to the mom rules book, i am entitled to lay upon him because the car is mine, and i pay for the gas and insurance. we'll see how nice he can be
  • work got UBER busy at the end of the season. This is actually quite a blessing and I am very thankful for it, the bills can get paid all winter this year. WOOOIE
  • i have been a bit of a road warrior, also a good thing. only not so comfortable because rental cars just suck. I took advantage of the first time in recent memory i did not have a kid playing post season football and ran amuck. it was fun, lets just say Thanksgiving weekend? yeah, I was strolling on the beach.

so in between, killing deer, grounding kids, travelling near and far, and work, i was also just a wee bit down in the dumps. and lazy. i really hate this time of year. not Christmas, just winter. the sun is out all of 30 seconds a week, it gets cold, and even if it's a warm day, its still cold. i am just one of those people, i need the sun. as of right now i have 9 more winters to get through. then i can bail, not that i'm keeping track or anything.

so we are heading to Orlando in a week (which is a VERY GOOD THING AND I AM SUPER THANKFUL for), and by the time we get home we will be past that magic Dec21 mark. From then on, as most of you know, the days begin to get a wee bit longer. not enough to matter to most people, but it matters to me. so i bide my time, safe in the knowledge the end of this misery will come again. that and the fact my sister now lives a block form the beach, if only she wasn't 6 hours away.

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